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Collagen Facials at Only You

The Collgen Philosophy

We believe beauty is timeless. Every woman is unique and deserves the best. That is why Natural Collagen Inventia range was created and till this day has helped thousands of women around the world look young and beautiful. If you are looking for a Natural Alternative to Botox- look no further as your answer is in our products.

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Our Triple Helix Formula in a Nutshell

The non-hydrolysed collagen means it is derived without damaging the triple helix structure thus maintaining its bioactivity(it's like a living cell). What happens is the collagen in contact with human skin breaks down naturally into peptides and amino acids which are so small they can penetrate the skin and assist in the production of collagen. The absorbable short-chained collagen peptides stimulate fibroblast activity to produce collagen and proteoglycans which are major components of the skin.

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Key Features

Our range of Natural Collagen Inventia products contains pure, high quality collagen. It has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, decrease pores and increase skin moisture. The product’s unique enzymatic process breaks down the collagen molecules which are bioactive (meaning they are readily absorbed by the body).

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Collgen Collagen Facials at Only You