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Solglo Spray Tanning

Have a perfect all over tan that is quick (you can be tanned and dressed within 30 minutes), safe (no harmful UV rays) and lasts for up to 9 days depending on skin type. It is water soluble (you can shower & swim) and has no odour.

Solglo Spray Tanning Photo

Full Leg - £12.80
Full Body - £25.55
Full Body Special Offer - 2 appointments per person for £35.75


Have a perfect all over tan with our Tansun Symphony Tanning Booth.

  • Fast, even all over tan
  • Guaranteed tanning results
  • Safe, hygenic and private
  • Stay comfortably cool (fully air conditioned)
  • Tanning sessions from 3 minutes (depending on skin type)

Single Session
3 minutes - £3.00
6 minutes - £5.00
9 minutes - £7.00

30 minutes - £25.00
60 minutes - £40.00
120 minutes - £75.00

Special Offer - Unlimited for one month - £50.00

Please note: It is important that you have a 15 minute consultation prior to using the sun room.

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